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24 November 2013 @ 06:54 pm
Key of heart - Prologue  
Key of heart

Laughing. Looking at each other. Searching for each other.
Keep on laughing. Hands.
Sweet smiles. A warm-hearted hug.


Dancing. Touching. Screaming.
A delight look. Friends.

Keep on laughing. And laughing.
And be okay. With you. Forever with you.
And never stop to laugh.


Strewberry milk. A teddy-bear.
A date. Be by my side.
Hold your hand. Hug tightly. Keep holding you.


And then...darkness. Loneliness.


He moved softly in that uncomfortable bed. He moved his head sideways with a small, quickly movement but forced himself to stop. His head throbbed terribly. He closed his eyes more and tried to calm his breath.
Then, he started open his eyes and a white, blinding light hit him. His eyes burnt like hell and he closed them again.
It seemed like his head was going to rip in two parts.
The stabbing pain was unberable.
"Oh darling, you are awake" a woman screamed from the side of the bed. His mother.
He tried to open his eyes again to get used to the light. He looked at his mom and, after focused her face, he noticed the big, red eyes like she did nothing but crying for months. The woman stroked his hairs and then cried her heart out in tears full of joy.
"Oh my son, you are awake finally. You are okay" she kept saying, looking at her son with love.
The boy looked at her with a confused look. Of course he was okay. Why he should not?
He looked around for the first time now. He was in an aseptic, white room and it gave him a sense of emptiness.
He was in a hospital and he didn't know why.
But, more important, he was in hospital without Donghae by his side, stroking his hand.

Donghae? Where are you?

Maybe he went out to buy something to eat.
Yeah. It should be so. Donghae would never left him alone, right.
In a few minutes he would have see the boy entered the room, whit his warm smile and the strewberry milk he loved.
Just a few more minutes and Donghae would arrived.
But the minutes passed and Donghae still didn't come.

Where are you, Donghae?

He felt the tears at the corners of his eyes. Where was Donghae? Why he wans't with him? Maybe he didn't know that he was there? No one told him? He needed to see Donghae. To have Donghae by his side. To hold Donghae's hand.
"Mom..." he called the woman, trying to lift himself up but his mom blocked him "Mom...where is Donghae?" he was afraid of the answer, he was afraid to know that Donghae was not there.
The waman blinked, one, two, three times.
"Darling....who is Donghae?"

Oh uhm well I don't know what to say >< I know...you don't get a thing, right? Well I swear the first chapter will explain a lots, maybe....
This isn't suppose to be a very long story so...
Tell me what you think ^^
jewelmilasjewelmilas on November 28th, 2013 02:02 pm (UTC)
i like it... wonder weather hae just hyuk imaginary friends or real.. what happen to hyuk coz i think he is in hospital.